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Click the Search button to search the knowledge base using the drop-down menus and/or keywords search text to narrow your search.

Search Tips

Type your search terms--a question, a phrase, a series of words, or just a single word--in the Search by Keyword field and then click the Search button.
Use descriptive and specific search terms to retrieve more focused results. When you enter a word, all forms of the word are searched for, including singular, plural, and different verb tenses. For example, a search for reflect will return answers containing reflection, reflections, reflected, reflecting, and reflects.


  • To require words: Type the plus symbol (+) before the words that must be in the search results. Typing +cell +roam +voicemail will return only answers that contain all three words.
  • To exclude words: Type the minus symbol (-) before words you don't want in the search results. Typing cell -biology will return answers that contain the first word but not the second.

Limit Your Search

Click the Search by Product or Category menu and select a product or category to restrict your search to answers associated with that selection and then click on the Search button.