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Virtual Receptionist
As an Optimum Voice customer, with the Virtual Receptionist, your calls can be answered with a professional greeting 24/7. Connect your customers to the right place right away. Enhance your rollover hunting and your customers will no longer have to get a busy signal or voicemail. Now, they can go into a call queue with on hold music while waiting for the next available representative.


3 New Voicemail Upgrades!

Be sure to take advantage of some great upgrades that have recently been made to your Voicemail service. Your business or personal greeting can now be up to 3 minutes long and each message your customer leaves you can be up to 3 minutes as well. We also increased your total mailbox storage to 3 hours. Now, you even have the option to record a second greeting that you can schedule to play while your company is closed for the holidays.


Moving your business?

Take Optimum with you.  As a valued Optimum Business customer, we'd like to get you set up with services that fit your business needs if you're relocating within NY, NJ or CT.