Optimum Business Hosted Voice E-911 Terms and Conditions

Subscriber is responsible for complying with all applicable emergency calling service laws.

Enhanced 911 ("E-911") is a feature of the Optimum Business Hosted Voice service ("Service" or "Hosted Voice") that allows emergency operators to automatically know the telephone number and address of the dialing party. This E-911 feature has certain requirements in order to operate, as well as certain limitations:

  1. Registration of Physical Location. The emergency service provider handling the E-911 call, and the address the emergency service provider will see, are linked to the address Altice has on file when the Subscriber originally signed up for service. If the Subscriber does not correctly identify where the Subscriber is actually located, or if the Optimum-provided equipment is moved away from the registered service address, the Subscriber's 911 calls may be misdirected to the wrong emergency service provider. Therefore, in order to have 911 calls routed correctly, the Subscriber acknowledges responsibility to promptly notify Altice of any change in service address.
  2. IMPORTANT INFORMATION Regarding Your Phone Number(s) When you Move:
    Please be aware that during the first 72 hours of arriving at a new service address, if Subscriber dials 911 from their Hosted Voice phone, Subscriber must relay to the emergency service operator Subscriber's then-current service address. This is necessary to ensure emergency services are dispatched to Subscriber's new service address and not the old service address in the event the emergency services operator may not have the new registered physical location in their records. Additional E911 limitations apply when you use the Service away from your registered physical location or service address.
  3. E-911 Limitations.
    1. 911 calls placed using this Service will take a longer time to route to the Public Safety Answering Point ("PSAP"). A 911 call placed using the Service will first be routed to a third-party call center. A live operator will answer the call and then forward the call onto the appropriate PSAP based on the location you provide verbally to the operator. If you are not able to provide your location, the operator will forward the call to the appropriate PSAP based on your registered physical location. The operator will then provide location and call back number information to the PSAP operator and then transfer the call to the PSAP operator. Routing 911 calls in this manner means that such calls will take longer to be connected to the PSAP than calls routed through traditional wireline, wireless or VoIP services.
    2. Limitations due to change of registered physical location after installation and initial registration of registered physical location or use of Service away from the registered physical location.
      1. Optimum Business Hosted Voice allows Subscribers to connect and use the Optimum-provided telephone via any internet connection, even one not installed by Optimum and provides Subscriber with the ability to remotely access the Hosted Voice service through the App and Client. Due to the portable nature of the Service, third-party call center personnel may not have automatic access to your then-current location information. At the time of signup, you will be required to provide your registered physical location information. When you move your phone from your registered physical location, you may update your location by calling 866-276-5255 (update may take up to 72 hours to go into effect). Third-party call center personnel may not have access to the registered physical location information during the first 72 hours after registering your location. If you move your phone from your registered physical location and do not update your current location, third-party call center personnel will not have your current location information automatically available when answering the emergency call. Thus, you would need to provide your then-current physical location information verbally to third-party call center personnel; if you are unable to do so, the third-party call center will provide the PSAP with your registered physical location and the PSAP will determine the emergency response services to be provided.
      2. 911 calls made using the Business Hosted Voice App on a cellular phone or another commercial mobile radio service ("CMRS") device will automatically be routed through the CMRS device's native dialer via the CMRS provider's network in accordance with the CMRS provider's normal operations. Optimum disclaims any and all liability associated with non-coverage or failure of your mobile service provider to complete a 911 call.
  4. Access Limitations. Common events that can limit access to E-911 include but are not limited to:
    1. Electric power outage, degradation or other disruption of power at your location or in the event your telephone does not have battery power;
    2. Broadband internet connection outage, degradation or other disruption at your current location;
    3. The malfunction or failure of equipment, software or hardware necessary for end-to-end IP voice communications functionality;
    4. Service outage due to disconnection of Subscriber account; or
    5. Other service or network outages not specified herein.
  5. Notification to All Users. Subscriber is solely responsible for informing all its end users (including employees, visitors, and other third parties who may be present at the physical location where Optimum Business Hosted Voice Service is utilized) of the differences in and the limitations of E-911 for the Optimum Business Hosted Voice Service, including but not limited to, that E-911 access to a PSAP is limited as described in these terms and conditions regardless of the type of Device used. Optimum will supply stickers concerning the risk associated with E-911 service (the "911 Sticker") after the initial installation of the Devices or utilization of the mobility features. Customer shall not remove or damage the 911 Sticker on each Device used with Hosted Voice Service.
  6. Limitation of Liability and Indemnification for E-911 Services. E911 for Optimum Business Hosted Voice Service is offered solely as an aid in contacting an appropriate PSAP in connection with fire, police and other emergencies. Optimum is not responsible for any losses, claims, demands, suits or any liability whatsoever ("losses"), including without limitation (i) losses to or relating to Customer or a third party; (ii) losses for any personal injury or property damage or loss; or (iii) losses claimed to have been caused by (a) mistakes, omissions, interruptions, delays, errors or other defects in the provision of E-911, or (b) installation, operation, failure to operate, maintenance, removal, presence, condition, location or use of any equipment and facilities furnishing the Service.

    Optimum is also not responsible for any infringement or invasion of the right of privacy of any person or persons, caused or claimed to have been caused, directly or indirectly, by the installation, operation, failure to operate, maintenance, removal, presence, condition, occasion or use of E-911 service and the equipment associated therewith, or by any Services furnished by Optimum including, but not limited to, the identification of the telephone number, address or name associated with the phone used by the party or parties accessing E-911 service, and which arise out of the negligence or other wrongful acts of Optimum, Customer, its users, agencies or municipalities, or the employees or agents of any of them.

    Customer will indemnify, defend and hold Optimum harmless from any and all claims, losses, damages, fines, penalties, costs and expenses (including, without limitation, attorney fees) by, or on behalf of, Customer or any third party relating to the absence, failure or outage of the Service, including access to E-911, incorrectly routed E-911 calls, and/or the inability of any user of the Service to be able to access E-911 services or access emergency service personnel.

Effective February 16, 2017